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***We’ve got a scaled-back schedule for the second half of July as I am on my mid-year break so please check out the Timetable below 🙂


Classes from 11th July until 1st August must be PRE-PAID Online so just follow the links through to completing your payment. (Don’t worry – if you need to cancel in advance you can be credited the class for another time 😎)

*** TUES 9.30am GENTLE VINYASA returns 6th August! ***

*** WED 6am BODY BALANCE returns 7th August! ***

Join me ONLINE – ANY TIME – for my Virtual Beginners Yoga Course.
During this 5 week Course, you will learn the basics, the foundation poses and breathwork of Yoga. 

About Yoga

Kinesiology, Yoga & Pilates in North Beach and Trigg, WA.

Elixir Wellness (formerly North Beach Yoga & Pilates) offers group and private Yoga & Pilates classes. I ensure that you are never lost in a sea of people and your practice is just right for you. Every body is different so I encourage you to listen to your individual needs and I’ll always offer alternatives for every pose and every level of student.

My classes include various styles – Vinyasa Yoga, Stretch & Strengthen sessions, Yoga-Pilates Fusion and Pop-Up classes such as Yin-Restorative, Breathwork & Meditation, both In-Person sessions and through my library of Online classes

Together we will focus on inner and outer strength, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, energised and with clarity of mind!

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About Kinesiology

Kinesiology helps stimulate the body’s innate healing abilities and responses. This assists in relieving the stressors that may be manifesting in us, creating physical, immune, digestive, hormonal, emotional, anxiety or learning issues, just to name a few….

During Kinesiology ‘balances’, we aim to bring the client out of the “fight or flight” Stress Response, and instead into a state of harmony in body and mind.

This is when the body and mind can function more optimally and find balance again. When the systems of the body are functioning well, we feel well, and when our health and wellbeing improve, profound changes can be experienced in all aspects of life – mentally, physically and emotionally.

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Proven Benefits of Yoga

Elixir Wellness - Kinesiology Yoga Pilates in WA

For the Body

  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Digestion
  • Circulation
  • Detoxification
  • Pain / Tension Relief
  • Blood Pressure
  • Posture
  • Weight Management
Elixir Wellness - Kinesiology Yoga Pilates in WA

For the Mind

  • Stress Relief
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Confidence
  • Present – Moment Awareness
  • Self – Acceptance
  • Balance Left & Right Brain
  • Clarity
  • Clearing of Emotional Blockages


We cater for everyone from absolute beginners right through to advanced practitioners in ALL my Elixir Wellness classes so you are most welcome to come to any class.

I give variations for every pose so that every body can join in.

Having said that, my Beginners ONLINE Yoga Course is a fantastic way to get to know the basics of Yoga so it can be extremely beneficial to start with a Course. But if this doesn't suit you, please feel free to come along to any class and you will be guided and will not feel out of place at all 🙂

Ahhh the most commonly asked question. YES. And Yoga and Pilates are ESPECIALLY important for you! Whilst flexibility is a wonderful side-benefit to Yoga & Pilates, there is no pre-requisite of bendiness required!

I cater to all bodies and encourage you to work within your body’s realms…

Yoga and Pilates are more about creating a healthy state of mind and healthy body….Practice and it will all come!

All students are required to bring their own mat and large towel -as well as any other props you may like to use – and additional towels to use as props for classes such as Yin/Restorative. You can bring a water bottle too, though we don’t tend to drink much during Yoga or Pilates as we’re trying to build heat and some poses are better on an empty stomach.

All my In-Person classes are 60minutes. My 6am Vinyasa classes will often have the option to stay and extra 5 mins for a longer savasana/ rest pose.

Yoga and Pilates both have wonderful benefits for the physical body, including core strength and flexibility.

Through the integration of Pranayama, Mindfulness practices and ancient philosophy along with our Asana practice (poses and sequences), Yoga also benefits your Immune System, Stress Levels, Hormones, Emotional state, Confidence, Memory and Detoxification.

Yoga-Pilates Fusion classes focus on creating and deepening core strength and stability, but my group classes are not suitable for Pregnancy and may not be suitable for those with current injuries.

I would recommend seeing a Physiotherapist for a one-on-one Pilates consultation if you are currently suffering from an injury or pregnant. During this phase, Meditation and a more relaxing Yoga practice – such as my Yin/Restorative classes – could also be suitable, as along as you have the approval from your Health Practitioner.

Anything you feel comfortable in. We will be moving the body in all kinds of ways, including upside down – so keep this in mind!

Classes are practiced in bare feet but you can leave socks on during the breathwork at the beginning of a class and during the rest pose at the end of class.

Bring layers in Winter and especially for the early morning Beach Yoga classes.

Don't worry, even though Kinesiology has been around for almost 100 years, we get this question all the time!  

Stress can manifest in all systems of the body.. perhaps creating digestive system issues, musculoskeletal aches and pains, hormonal imbalances, anxiety or depression, “brain fog” or just generally knowing we don't “feel right”.

Energetic Kinesiology incorporates Eastern science, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western  techniques to create a bio-feedback system through muscle monitoring,  to then help the client release stress held in the body and mind – neurologically and physiologically.

During a session, the client mostly lays down on a massage table while the Kinesiologist monitors gentle muscle resistance when stressors are activated, via the acupressure points and discussion. The muscle monitoring is not in relation to strength of the muscle – but rather the Kinesiologist is trained to notice the subtle variances in resistance, due to the neurological bio-feedback

This allows the practitioner to acquire information from the body about where - and often why - the stress is present.

The origins of Kinesiology can be dated back to the 1930's in the US with studies in human movement leading to the application of chiropractic muscle monitoring techniques. Some 30 years later, Chiropractor Dr George Goodheart found that muscle monitoring could also be used to assess other physiological systems in the body, not just the musculoskeletal.

Goodheart and others began to assimilate the research of Chinese Medical literature and other Eastern wisdoms and found the correlation between exploring the body's energy pathways and pressure points with muscle monitoring to gain a better insight into a person's physical and emotional health.

Over the years  various Applied Kinesiology Chiropractors and Osteopaths expounded and broadened the research, culminating in the Energetic Kinesiology techniques practised today.