What to Expect

Before you Arrive:

Try to avoid any large meals (or foamy lattes!) 90mins to 2 hours prior to class as many of the postures we practice can be uncomfortable on a full stomach or when the body is still trying to digest a meal. Indeed many of the poses will be extremely beneficial for the digestive system when practiced on an empty stomach.


Comfortable clothing that you can move easily in is ideal. We are sometimes upside down in poses like Downward Dog so perhaps keep that in mind too! Even in cool weather it is best to have layers as we will often warm the body up…. and similarly in hot weather or when we are practicing on the Beach you may still want to bring a warm layer for the relaxation at the end.

What to Bring:

Please bring your own mat and large towel/s (to use as a prop) and warmer layers.

For Beach Yoga you just need to bring a big Beach Towel to use as a mat (or you can bring your own mat if you would rather be on a mat). 


Trigg Classes: Plenty of parking around the Trigg Surf Club venue and around the new Surfing WA venue (South Trigg).

North Beach Classes: Plenty of parking in the car park on West Coast Drive to the south of Castle St, around Flora Tce and you are welcome to park on our verge  (please do NOT block the carport).


We love our neighbours so please be very quiet and respectful when arriving and leaving the North Beach studio 

When you Arrive:

(Scroll down our Contacts – LOCATIONS to the bottom of the page to see the pics of the entrances and instructions to our venues).

Please remove your shoes at the door

At Trigg Surf Club: entrance is on the East side, facing West Coast drive.

At Surfing WA (South Trigg): entrance is on the North-East side, next to the Foam Coffee window.

At Beach Yoga: Walk down the sand paths all the way near the shore in front of the Trigg Surf Club / Canteen/ Island Market building.

Ensure your mobile phone is switched off 🙂  however if you are “on-call”or have children being minded just let me know at the beginning of class and it is totally fine to keep your phone on silent near your mat so that you can check it.

We practice yoga and pilates in bare feet but you are more than welcome to keep your socks on during the breath work (Pranayama) before we get moving. It’s also a good idea to keep any jumpers etc nearby so that at the end of the class you can get nice and warm for the relaxation part (Savasana).

Once you’re set up, lay down on your mat or find a comfortable seated position and relax. It’s a great opportunity to use this time to let go of any stress of the outside world and let yourself settle inwards.

During Class:

Traditionally yoga is practiced in a respectful contemplative and quiet environment… but at the same time another  wonderful thing about yoga is the sense of “Sangha” which means community so I encourage you to get to know your fellow yogis as well!

Sometimes at the end and/or beginning of a yoga class we will join together to chant an “Om”. This is not a religious chant – it is simply a beautiful way to engage in a deep inhale and exhale. All matter in the universe exists in a state of vibration and  when we “Om” the yogis say we are tapping in to that vibration so it is a reminder that we are all “one” in the Universe 🙂 Your Om may be silent, loud, joyful or personal and it can be any tone or pitch you choose!


You are welcome to sip water during class if you need to but traditionally we try to build heat in the body and keep the stomach empty when we practice so drinking large amounts of water is not usually recommended.

The end of Class:

Every class ends in a form of relaxation. Most of the time this will be in “Savasana” which is lying down and closing the eyes to rest the body and mind for a few final minutes. This is the most important pose!

During this relaxation the body – which will have been twisted and turned in all directions during the active part of the class (through the practice of “asana” or postures) – can unwind so that the freshly oxygenated blood supply flushes out toxins and tightness in the body. It is also the last few moments to allow the Parasympathetic Nervous System to rejuvenate the body’s immune system, digestion, reproductive system and to truly rest. It is often tempting to skip this part and leave the class early but please try to stay until the very end of class, which will always finish on time, so as not to disturb others. You will know a class has ended when the teacher says “Namaste” which can be simply translated to mean “the goodness and higher self in me, bows to the goodness and higher self in you” 🙂

If you ever need to arrive late or leave early this is completely understandable – please just let me know in advance. 

In some classes you will be offered the opportunity to stay longer in a rest pose for an additional 5, 10 or 15 minutes  after class has finished so be sure to take up that option whenever you can!